Catching up from Summer and Upcoming Events.

This last summer was big for 5881. Our Power-Up bot went on a 7 week stretch of involvement in the Robotics Merit Badge classes at Henderson Scout Reservation. We are glad to say that all scouts that went through the program, about 40 scouts, all passed with flying colors thanks to Tip-Z and Ian Jensen.

5881 also participated in an outreach event at the Altamont County Fair. Fair goers got the chance to see Tip-Z in action, and get the chance to drive around some VEX Claw Bots from last year’s game In The Zone.

Whats coming up for The Dragons? Well, the school year has started, and with that, regular meetings to get Tip-Z ready for the Robot Rumble at Ballston-Spa High School. The Event will take place November 3rd. The event is open to the public to watch. We thank Ballston-Spa and team 3044 for hosting this for fun off season event.

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